It’s a New Day for Star Journey!

SJ Poster_Landsc-2xx

Star Journey, a tool encouraging users to develop inner awareness, today announced its grand re-opening party on Sunday, May 1, 2016 at 2pm PST / SLT. The event celebrates the complete redesign and relaunch of Star Journey island in Second Life, a three-dimensional, immersive and interactive version of this self-reflection tool

Click here for the landmark: Star Journey

First launched in November 2008, Star Journey island has been almost entirely re-imagined for 2016. The user experience offers improved aesthetics and utilizes newer technology for design and content. Also launched is a dedicated website serving as a guide for users as they explore the island and learn the use of the tool.

You can find the website by clicking here: Star Journey’s Website

In creating Star Journey, author, artist and writer Richard H. Geer draws on his own deep experience with transformative self-exploration as well as intuitive perspectives, providing visitors with a roadmap for solving problems, making decisions and exploring relationships.

First developed by Geer in 1969 as a card deck and related Circle Pattern “map of consciousness” showing the organization of the symbols, Star Journey is based on the principle that answers to life’s questions can be found by looking within oneself. Users explore a personal topic such as work, money, health or a relationship by choosing one of several “games of meaning” which display various dynamics involved in situations. A player can either make a random drawing of symbol cards or consciously choose them, then use visualization techniques to “picture” the desired outcome and develop a plan of action. Star Journey has strong appeal for those with interests in psychology and self-help, and it is also used by counselors, therapists and others in the helping professions.

“The Star Journey takes you on a path of personal exploration, one that results in tapping intuition and gaining insights about your real-life situations through the use of interactive symbols and life-force energies,” says creator Richard Geer. “In translating the experience to the virtual world format, we can bring the psychological concepts of the tool to life in a fun and interactive way.”

The visitor at the Star Journey site engages in several parts to the Star Journey island sim to develop insights. On the island’s ground level, a visitor may roam among twelve lush gardens and encounter interactive symbols, or visit the twelve Stars in the sky that represent basic life-force energies. The island also provides visitors with live, quality music performances and romantic dancing at STARS Dance Club and the ability to view the work of select artists in the many themed Gateway art Galleries. Weekly group sessions are offered free of charge to help visitors acclimate to tap inner awareness via the virtual experience.

Geer emphasizes, “Our focus with this virtual world format is to invite people to come here and take their own journey in any way they choose. By using the symbols first hand, they can unlock their inner knowledge, develop insights and a new perspective for improving the life experience.”

Assisting Geer (appearing in Second Life as Starman Heron) in hosting the May 1st event will be event manager and hostess Suzanne Piers and other leading Star Journey team members. Live music will be provided by Max Kleene, streaming from Niagara Falls, Canada.

For more information, visit the Grand Opening Website

See you May 1st. Please contact Starman Heron for more information or a tour of this amazing sim.

~ Suzanne Piers, Event Coordinator


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