Star Journey Sim Re-opening Event a Great Success

Party 5-1_004

On Sunday May 1st, guests filled the center pavilion at Star Journey’s Garden Landing to celebrate the redesign and re-opening of Star Journey sim. Live music was provided by popular SL singer/musician Max Kleene streaming from Niagara Falls, Canada.

Helping host the event were Tayren Theas (Lorraine Stanton, US) both a designer and tech and educational consultant on the project and Fuschia Nightfire (Nina Camplin, UK), designer of the sim’s Gateway Galleries and Star Energies areas as well as the futuristic, live music venue STARS Dance Club. Hostess and event manager was Suzanne Piers (US). Also welcoming guests were Starman (Richard Geer, US), author and developer of the Star Journey tool, along with Dharmadog (Gerry Marr, MA, MFT; US) Star Journey teacher.

Others who participated in the large-scale sim redesign were designer Luna Bliss (US) and Alexa Trefoil (US). The project began in January 2015 and finally completed in April 2016. The effort also involved production of a companion website to help guide visitors and users of the tool (


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