New Stars in the Star Journey Galaxy!

art-gallery-external_001Adjacent to the STARS Dance Club is the Star Journey sim, which as I have mentioned before, allows you to take your own self-guided journey of self-discovery. Following that concept, Star Journey has embraced the creativity of the many artists in Second Life with its series of Gateway Galleries. These galleries reflect the 12 underlying themes that make up the Star Journey model. Artwork is selected for creativity and quality as well as fitting with these themes, which tell about a timeless step-by-step cycle of personal growth and development.

Here’s the SLURL to visit them all:

I     “I Am” Gallery    Artist:  Van Caerndow (Phil Strang in RL)

Artist Page: Van Caerdnow.

II     “I Want” Gallery    Artist: OPEN — available for artist exhibit

III  “I Relate” Gallery   Artist:  Genevieve Silvercloud

Artist Page: Genevieve Silvercloud

IV  “I Feel” Gallery   Artist:  Barret Darkfold

Artist Page: Barret Darkfold

V   “I Project” Gallery   Artist: Tayren Theas

Artist Page: Tayren Theas

VI   “I Become” Gallery   Artist: Kayli iali

Artist Page: Kayli iali

VII   “I Interact” Gallery   Artist: Milly Sharple

Artist Page: Milly Sharple

VIII   “I Care” Gallery   Artist: Sheba Blitz

Artist Page: Sheba Blitz

IX   “I Realize” Gallery   Artist: Kyoto

Artist Page: Kyoto

X   “I Perfect” Gallery   Artist: Sachi Novaki

Artist Page: Sachi Novaki

XI   “I Expand” Gallery   Artist: Fuchsia Nightfire

Artist Page: Fuchsia Nightfire

XI   “I Merge” Gallery   Artist: SkyBlue Earthboy

Artist Page: SkyBlue Earthboy

I hope you will explore these galleries and the amazing Star Journey sim very soon! This unique experience provides inner guidance and self-awareness in addition to being visually stunning.

~ Suzanne Piers, **STARS** Dance Club Blogger


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