Cleveland Jam Live Stream at STARS!

Several times a year, live musicians from Second Life get together in various parts of the USA and hold “jams,” where they spend several days together playing music, partying, and generally have a wonderful time getting to know each other in real life!

On Thursday, Feb. 23rd STARS was proud to present SL musicians Ed Lowell, Annan Dreamscape, Bat Masters,Beth Odets, DandantheDoritoMan, ezcape Hax, Gandolf Mornington, Jeff Tully, Meetu Hannu, MrMulti Writer, Norith Westland, and Vinnie – all who live-streamed into Second Life directly from the Cleveland Jam!

These amazing and talented musicians provided laughter and fun along with some amazing live music. There were guitar players, mandolin players, keyboards, and lots of vocals. They did a fabulous job and we thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of live streaming their concert.

Here are some photos from the event:


We hope to have them back again next jam!

~Suzanne Fromund (Suzanne Piers), STARS Blogger 🙂


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