STARS Welcomes Guitarhero!

Guitarhero Dougall HeadshotSoulvision was unable to be in world tonight for his regular gig, so we were pleased to welcome Guitarhero for his debut performance at STARS!

Guitarhero’s RL name is Douglas, and he is 49 years old. He has been in SL since 2005. He lives in Canton Ohio in the US and attends college full time, studying for his Audio Production B.S. degree. He sings in RL as well as SL.

Guitarhero’s taste in music is eclectic, including blues, jazz, classic rock, hard rock and other Americana styles. He’s been singing and playing music since he was 7 years old. And he’s been performing live in SL since 2006. He says he is a “relic musician.”

Guitarhero a STARS_001

The first instrument that Guitarhero learned to play was the accordion, and he quickly picked up many other instruments. Currently, his primary instruments are the acoustic and electric guitar. His secondary instrument is the bass guitar. His third instrument is anything keyboard based, including organ, synthesizer and piano. He can also owns and plays theramin. He is familiar with the mandolin and banjo, and also fluent with violin, double bass, cello, and viola. Lastly, but certainly not least, he plays harmonica and mouth harp as well.

Guitarhero’s electronic guitar is a 1980 Gibson ES-335-D.O.T. hollow-body double F-hole, double cut-away electric guitar. Guitarhero says “I use a large selection of vintage effects units that the guitar greats would have used. I then feed the signal into a live tube pre-amp and into a mixer. My vocal mic is a Audio-Technica® AT2035 mic and my other mic is a Shure® SM58 both into live tube pre-amps and again into the mixer.

“The mixer is a Mackie complete with its own built in pre-amps and effects. It uses a DBX compressor as an insert so there are no audio surprises or squeals. I feed the outputs to multiple locations for headphones and recording and the main output is fed to my computers Focusrite Sapphire Pro 40 audio interface.”

Guitarhero uses B.U.T.T. (Broadcast Using This Tool) to stream the mix into SL.

Click here: Guitarhero’s Calendar

Other social medial Links:

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Welcome to STARS, Guitarhero!

~ Suzanne Piers, STARS Blogger


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