Meet our STARS! Lulu Lulibub, Club Hostess/Manager

Lulu Lulibub, 2017

Some of the important stars in our galaxy are our own staff! Lulu Lulibub is the manager and hostess at STARS, and I thought it would be fun to get to know her a little better.

Lulu has been in Second life for 10 years. She is an old pro! When asked what brought her into SL, Lulu said, “I came to visit a friend in RL and she played SL. I watched, shook my head and laughed because no one could get her off the computer. Next time I came back to visit her, I joined and have never left!” Many SL’ers tell me the same thing, that they came here because of a friend, and then they were hooked!

Lulu’s first job in SL was as a dancer, as many of us have done. I know I got my feet wet in SL employment by starting out this way.  Currently, Lulu works as manager and host at STARS, but she also works as a host at Chicago’s Place, Junkyard Blues, and  Blues Barn. She also hosts special events and benefits. Lulu is a busy lady!

Lulu’s favorite things to do in SL (other than working her many jobs!) is interacting with people from all around the world, working in music venues. Lulu said, “I also love making people laugh out loud with me . . . or at me is ok too. Pretty much people, music, dance, laugh, I am happy!  In SL there are so many talented musicians, artists and knowledgeable DJs. It’s why I’ve worked in music for so many years. ”

I asked Lulu how she chose her avatar name, and she said, “I knew I wanted my first name to be Lulu. Back then we could pick our own last names, and it was a toss up between Lulu Lulibub,  Lulu Ballyhoo, or Lulu Hulabaloo. Lulibub just rolled off the tongue smoother!”

In RL, Lulu lives in northern California, in the Mt. Shasta area, which is a gorgeous recreational area. She is single in RL, and has two children. Her son Michael is 28 and her daughter Courtney will be 25 soon. She also has two grandchildren — Abby, who is 7, and Allen who is almost 5. I asked Lulu what she does for a living in RL. She said, “I live the life of leisure. Now, if I just had the life of luxury . . .”

Lulu’s hobbies include camping, shooting pool, hiking, laughing and make others laugh.

STARS has live music three nights a week — Sundays, Tuesdays, and Mondays. Come by and say hello to Lulu. She never met a stranger, and will make you feel warm and welcomed.

Lastly, I asked Lulu to provide me with some pics that show the changes to her avatar over the years, since she’s been in SL so long. It’s fun to see how avatars change with the changes in SL.

BIG HAIR LULU #2 6_24_14
Lulu circa 2014
Lulu circa 2009

Thank you  for reading, and see you at STARS!

~ Suzanne Piers, STARS Blogger


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