About **STARS**

ENJOY MUSIC AND DANCING AT STARS ROMANTIC DANCE CLUB – We built a special club with you in mind, lovers of music and romantic dancing in Second Life. Singles and couples are welcome. Meet new friends at the Wine bar. Listen to live music and DJs, plus a continuous romantic music stream. Attire is formal or casual, it’s all about you.

Enjoy breathtaking views of Star Journey sim. And visit these cool areas:
—  Cozy dance spots up in the sky in the Stars
—  Chapel and Reception area for that special wedding
—  12 Art Galleries showing great art of all kinds by Second Life artists

Outside the club, take a stroll onto the beach area and Tiki Bar. Or walk further and explore the inspirational Gardens and Seas that make up Star Journey sim.

**STARS** is not only lovely but you’ll find it’s free of the clutter of shops and other advertising.

**STARS** features a wide variety of smooth romantic music. This includes Jazz, R&B, Soul, Latin, Romance and Ballroom music. We host the top DJs and best live performers. You’ll also enjoy the best dance animations.

Maxx_11-10_001 copy 4

Here’s your private jet direct to **STARS** in Second Life:


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