New Stars in the Star Journey Galaxy!

art-gallery-external_001Adjacent to the STARS Dance Club is the Star Journey sim, which as I have mentioned before, allows you to take your own self-guided journey of self-discovery. Following that concept, Star Journey has embraced the creativity of the many artists in Second Life with its series of Gateway Galleries. These galleries reflect the 12 underlying themes that make up the Star Journey model. Artwork is selected for creativity and quality as well as fitting with these themes, which tell about a timeless step-by-step cycle of personal growth and development.

Here’s the SLURL to visit them all:

I     “I Am” Gallery    Artist:  Van Caerndow (Phil Strang in RL)

Artist Page: Van Caerdnow.

II     “I Want” Gallery    Artist: OPEN — available for artist exhibit

III  “I Relate” Gallery   Artist:  Genevieve Silvercloud

Artist Page: Genevieve Silvercloud

IV  “I Feel” Gallery   Artist:  Barret Darkfold

Artist Page: Barret Darkfold

V   “I Project” Gallery   Artist: Tayren Theas

Artist Page: Tayren Theas

VI   “I Become” Gallery   Artist: Kayli iali

Artist Page: Kayli iali

VII   “I Interact” Gallery   Artist: Milly Sharple

Artist Page: Milly Sharple

VIII   “I Care” Gallery   Artist: Sheba Blitz

Artist Page: Sheba Blitz

IX   “I Realize” Gallery   Artist: Kyoto

Artist Page: Kyoto

X   “I Perfect” Gallery   Artist: Sachi Novaki

Artist Page: Sachi Novaki

XI   “I Expand” Gallery   Artist: Fuchsia Nightfire

Artist Page: Fuchsia Nightfire

XI   “I Merge” Gallery   Artist: SkyBlue Earthboy

Artist Page: SkyBlue Earthboy

I hope you will explore these galleries and the amazing Star Journey sim very soon! This unique experience provides inner guidance and self-awareness in addition to being visually stunning.

~ Suzanne Piers, **STARS** Dance Club Blogger


Happy New Year!


As I write this, 2017 is only a four hours away SL time. This is the time of year we take time to reflect on the past year, and think about what we want to accomplish in the coming year.

Each New Year provides us with the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start afresh, and shake the mistakes of the past year, embrace our successes and move forward to new challenges.

One of the things you could do to start your year off on the right foot is to take a journey of self-discovery at Star Journey, the sim adjacent to **STARS** Dance Club. Created by visionary author Richard Geer (Starman Heron in SL), Star Journey is a powerful tool for self-reflection, for your personal growth and transformation. Use it to tap inner knowing. You’ll discover valuable insights and develop practical ways to improve your life. Use Star Journey to solve problems, make decisions, or simply get fresh ideas about a personal challenge. Explore topics in your own life such as love, work, money, health, and more.

Star Journey is a real life personal growth path that can be followed in SL. You can find the starting point to your journey by following this SLURL:

Star Journey Landing Point

The Star Journey’s website is here: Star Journey Virtual Website

Beginning in January. I will showcase the 12 art galleries that correspond to the Star Journey tool.

**STARS** Dance Club wishes you the very happiest of New Years!

~ Suzanne Piers, **STARS** Dance Club Blogger






Autumn Has Fallen !


Now that October is here, and the autumnal equinox has passed, we are officially in fall. The mornings are crisp and cool, afternoons are deliciously sunny and pleasantly cool. You can feel Mother Nature preparing for her long winter’s nap. The days shorten, plants and trees drop their leaves, and wood smoke from fireplaces curls through your nostrils and makes you think of toasted marshmallows and hot cocoa.

The early darkness enables one to curl up in a recliner with a good book, a blanket, and a glass of wine without a twinge of guilt. Fall and spring are transitional seasons, one bringing the earth into it’s winter hibernation; the other heralds the stirring of new life. renewal and reawakening as the earth yawns and stretches and wakes up.

For now, we anticipate fun fall activities, time with family and friends at the upcoming holidays, and our own transition into a slower pace as we move our activities indoors for the next few months.

Wandering into Second Life is a marvelous way to spend those longer fall evenings. There are many activities that still happen at **STARS** and at Star Journey, our sister sim adjacent to the club. We encourage you to come in a join us for our fall line up of wonderful live singers. While you’re here, please take the time to explore Star Journey.


On Star Journey island you can solve a problem, take a few moments of self reflection, or just come and explore this peaceful environment. You’ll meet others from around the world with interests in self-exploration. Many of the Star Journey team can be found online to help visitors. You might even stick around for a free workshop and the opportunity to meet author Richard Geer (Starman Heron in SL).

There are also artists who display their amazing creations in the Star Journey art gallery. Star Journey proudly supports the creativity of artists in Second Life. Its series of Gateway Galleries reflects the 12 underlying themes that are part of the Star Journey model. Artwork is selected for creativity and quality as well as fitting with these themes, which tell about a timeless cycle of growth and development.

Visit the art galleries by clicking here:

You can view the virtual Star Journey’s website by clicking here.


Star Journey: Click for SLURL

**STARS** Dance Club: Click for SLURL

We welcome friends old and new and hope that you will join us both at **STARS** and at Star Journey.

Happy Halloween!

~ Suzanne Piers Fromund, **STARS** Blogger

It’s a New Day for Star Journey!

SJ Poster_Landsc-2xx

Star Journey, a tool encouraging users to develop inner awareness, today announced its grand re-opening party on Sunday, May 1, 2016 at 2pm PST / SLT. The event celebrates the complete redesign and relaunch of Star Journey island in Second Life, a three-dimensional, immersive and interactive version of this self-reflection tool

Click here for the landmark: Star Journey

First launched in November 2008, Star Journey island has been almost entirely re-imagined for 2016. The user experience offers improved aesthetics and utilizes newer technology for design and content. Also launched is a dedicated website serving as a guide for users as they explore the island and learn the use of the tool.

You can find the website by clicking here: Star Journey’s Website

In creating Star Journey, author, artist and writer Richard H. Geer draws on his own deep experience with transformative self-exploration as well as intuitive perspectives, providing visitors with a roadmap for solving problems, making decisions and exploring relationships.

First developed by Geer in 1969 as a card deck and related Circle Pattern “map of consciousness” showing the organization of the symbols, Star Journey is based on the principle that answers to life’s questions can be found by looking within oneself. Users explore a personal topic such as work, money, health or a relationship by choosing one of several “games of meaning” which display various dynamics involved in situations. A player can either make a random drawing of symbol cards or consciously choose them, then use visualization techniques to “picture” the desired outcome and develop a plan of action. Star Journey has strong appeal for those with interests in psychology and self-help, and it is also used by counselors, therapists and others in the helping professions.

“The Star Journey takes you on a path of personal exploration, one that results in tapping intuition and gaining insights about your real-life situations through the use of interactive symbols and life-force energies,” says creator Richard Geer. “In translating the experience to the virtual world format, we can bring the psychological concepts of the tool to life in a fun and interactive way.”

The visitor at the Star Journey site engages in several parts to the Star Journey island sim to develop insights. On the island’s ground level, a visitor may roam among twelve lush gardens and encounter interactive symbols, or visit the twelve Stars in the sky that represent basic life-force energies. The island also provides visitors with live, quality music performances and romantic dancing at STARS Dance Club and the ability to view the work of select artists in the many themed Gateway art Galleries. Weekly group sessions are offered free of charge to help visitors acclimate to tap inner awareness via the virtual experience.

Geer emphasizes, “Our focus with this virtual world format is to invite people to come here and take their own journey in any way they choose. By using the symbols first hand, they can unlock their inner knowledge, develop insights and a new perspective for improving the life experience.”

Assisting Geer (appearing in Second Life as Starman Heron) in hosting the May 1st event will be event manager and hostess Suzanne Piers and other leading Star Journey team members. Live music will be provided by Max Kleene, streaming from Niagara Falls, Canada.

For more information, visit the Grand Opening Website

See you May 1st. Please contact Starman Heron for more information or a tour of this amazing sim.

~ Suzanne Piers, Event Coordinator

Music Video filmed at **STARS** Dance Club!

Fuchsia Nightfire, creator of the builds for **STARS** Dance club, is not only a talented designer and artist, but she is an accomplished machninamist, as well. Read more about Fuchsia (Nina Camplin in RL) here: Ariadne

One of the most beautiful love songs currently on the airwaves is Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” The music video for his song is a stunningly elegant and creative dance of two lovers. Fuchsia re-created this video in SL, set to “Thinking Out Loud” being sung by talented live music performer Wolfie Moonshadow.

This collaboration of talents has resulted in one of the most beautiful machinimas I’ve seen to date. Set against the stunning backdrop of our beautiful club, Fuchsia and Wolfie have created something that is a delight and treat for your senses.

I’ve included both the link to Ed Sheeran’s original video, and to the machinima created by Fuchsia and Wolfie.

Thank you for watching. We look forward to seeing you at **STARS**, your premiere location for live music in Second Life.

Fuchsia Nightfire’s Machinima:

Ed Sheeran’s original video:

~ Suzanne Piers
Club Manager

The QuadRadix Coming to **STARS** Thursday, May 21st!

1-QuadRadiX's-The Band Together
Maximillion Kleene is our awesome regular Thursday night performer at **STARS** Dance Club, but this Thursday, he is bringing the band! We are very excited to bring you The QuadRadix, an amazing quad-steaming band playing your favorites!

You have heard of dual streaming… well this is quad-streaming — four fantastic musicians streaming into Second Life from four different locations throughout the US and Canada. They perform rock music & love songs from the 60’s to present, covering bands & artists such as Jason Mraz, The Beatles, Radiohead and Neil Young. Dynamic performers bringing their passion for music in the songs their fans love to hear! They keep you wanting more.

The QuadRadiX has been 2 years in the making. In April 2012, Maximillion Kleene asked Ben Cleanslate to play bass with him on dual stream. June 2012, Sabian Inglewood joined them on stage to play drums and this was the beginning of MKB as a trio streaming in relay into Second Life. DennyMac joined the band in June 2014, and they became the newest quad streaming band in Second Life.

DennyMac streams from New York with his passion for music and a deep desire to share his talent. Heavily influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, James Taylor, the Beatles and many others, he brings his great talents to the band as lead guitar.

Ben Cleanslate anchors the stream from Texas as bass player for the band. A talented and experienced bassist, Ben has been playing bass guitar since high school and was a studio bass player for several years. He has often been found making music with others in Second Life using multiple streams.

Maximillion Kleene, streaming from Niagara Falls Canada, brings high energy and a dynamic musical range and groove on acoustic guitar. He delivers a versatile vocal style and influences from a range of artists such as Pearl Jam to Foo Fighters to Jason Mraz. Max, well known for his solo performances in Second Life, was a member of The gReefers band.

Sabian Inglewood comes to you from New Hampshire as drummer for the band. He began playing drums in school and today enjoys playing styles ranging from blues, pop, and country, to jazz and progressive rock. He was previously the drummer with Second Life’s Virtual Live Band and The gReefers band.

If you’d like to book these amazing musicians, please IM Carol Greenwood, leave a notecard or send requests through the DMA Website .

She can also be reached by email at The band’s calendar can be found by clicking here: The QuadRadix Calendar.

See you tomorrow night for this amazing event!

~ Suzanne Piers, Club Manager

Happy Spring!

If you’re on the East Coast of the US, you may not be able to find signs of spring anywhere you look, but according to the calendar, spring begins in 10 short days! We have set our clocks ahead (where did that lost hour go, anyway??), and here in sunny California, spring-like temperatures are already in evidence, with daffodils and poppies blooming, along with almond trees, redbud trees and wildflowers.

We at **STARS** Dance Club are excited about our spring line up of performers! The amount of available talent in Second Life is staggering, and we are honored and privileged to have some of the best talent in SL performing at **STARS**!

Maximillion Kleene performs every Thursday from 8pm to 9pm SLT. Max is well-known in the live music community, and continually wins several Avi Choice awards each year. His warm personality and wonderful voice wins him fans all over the grid.

Andreus “Anj” Gustafson graces our stage every other Sunday, bringing his musical talents to his many fans and followers. Anj not only sings beautifully, but he is a talented keyboardist, guitarist, and flautist as well. At a typical Anj performance, one just might hear songs by artists such as The Beatles, Coldplay, Radiohead, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Willie Porter, Jethro Tull, Matchbox 20, Sting, with a few original songs thrown in for good measure.

JimmyT49 Dukes is our every other Friday performer. Jimmy is a well-known singer in RL as well as SL. Jimmy’s style includes not only R and B but also a strong rock component, and he performs both original and cover tunes. His weapon of choice is an old home built electric guitar. Feel the heat, the passion, the rocking hot guitar of JimmyT as he weaves you through a myriad of rocking hot music. This guitar virtuoso will make your heart sing, your soul weep with joy.

Soulvision is SL’s newest vocalist, taking the live music world by storm! Soul’s rez date is December of 2014, and already he is one of the hottest tickets in town. We are pleased to have Soul perform every other Tuesday. This singer/songwriter brings his guitar and passion to Second Life with many of his originals and favorite covers. Soulvision captivates you with his pure approach of just his guitar and his voice. Many influences are from Ed Sheeran, Adele, Damien Rice, Pearl Jam, Keith Urban to list a few

You can see our complete schedule by clicking on this link: **STARS** Calendar. Or you can simply click the calendar link in the header above.

Please also visit the club in-world at any time. We always have a music stream going, and you are welcome to come by and dance with your favorite partner to the music. While you’re there, it is well worth your while to explore the recently renovated Star Journeys sim, which is adjacent to the club. It looks absolutely stunning. Please stop by and wander around this gorgeous and inspiring sim. You can take a balloon ride or take the paddle boats for a lazy ride around. You can access it from the same landing point as the club.

Here’s the SLURL:

See you soon!

~ Suzanne Piers, Club Manager

Welcome 2015!

happy new year 2015 wishes in oriyaWe at **STARS** Dance Club would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2015. It is wonderful to have this fresh start each year, and we look forward to spending it with you!

We have a couple of changes to the line up of amazing live musicians at **STARS** in 2015. They’re actually not new to **STARS**; they’ve been here occasionally but are now committed to regular gigs, and we are so very excited!

Jimmy49 DukesFirst, we welcome JimmyT49 Dukes as a **STARS** regular performer! In the fall of 2014, JimmyT performed three or four different gigs, and when a slot opened up in his very busy schedule, we grabbed it! JimmyT will be performing every other Friday night from 8 to 9pm SLT starting January 16th and going through May 8th. JimmyT always takes a hiatus in the summertime so he can focus on RL gigs.

Rico Dee Profile SmallSecondly, Rico Dee, who performed every other Monday mornings, has a real life conflict and we are switching his performances to evenings! Rico Dee will begin playing at **STARS** every other Tuesday beginning this coming Tuesday, January 6th, from 9pm to 10pm SLT.


These two amazing performers are a welcome addition to the **STARS** family of performers. Of course we continue with the always amazing Max Kleene every Thursday from 8pm to 9pm SLT. And Anj Gustafson performs every other Sunday from 7pm to 8pm SLT.

Check our calendar tab to see the **STARS** schedule. We are excited about the expanded line up and look forward to seeing you there!

~ Suzanne Piers, Club Manager